James Bridgewater

Springfield, Illinois, US

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My background is in electrical and computer engineering. I worked in the semiconductor industry doing integrated circuit design for several years before going to graduate school. In grad school I learned a good bit about material science and chemistry while continuing to use my hardware and software development skills. Now I work in the field of computational neuroscience and am very interested in machine learning. In my wildest dreams I would like to start a company that develops brain inspired technology. Software first, then hardware. There is a lot of room for technology improvement in things that humans do easily: voice recognition, image recognition, and understanding language. A five year old easily outperforms the best technology in all of these areas.

Ultimately, I am waiting for a project compelling enough to justify the effort and risk of starting a small venture. Until one of my side projects takes on a life of its own and refuses to let me forget about it or I meet someone who has a project like this.


Arizona State University

PhD, Electrical Engineering

2014 - 2014

California State University, Sacramento

MS Electrical Engineering

2005 - 2005

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

BS Computer Engineering

1996 - 1996

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Gangplank Chandler

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