James Cerenzie

St. Louis, Missouri, US

Driven Leader, BD, and M&A professional. MBA from Texas A&M.
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Commercial Business Development
Project Management
Leadership + Management
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Change Management
Business Strategy
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Founded 2+ startups

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About James


My name is James and I have a solid idea and resources (time and some money), but need a qualified CTO as a co-founder. The idea in question has undergone market validation tests, has a massive potential market, and next step is fully defining a Business Plan.

Currently I am employed as a Corporate Development Manager (M&A) for a NYSE-listed Energy Services company. I live in St. Louis, but travel to Houston for 8-10 days a month. I am fully ready to quit my current job when the time is right, and most importantly my wife is on-board!

I have been employed at the same company (holding 3 different positions) since I graduated with an MBA four years ago. Previous to Business school, I founded two separate small ventures (both focused on e-commerce).

What I bring to the table:

Experienced directly leading a 5 member Commercial / BD team, and dotted-line leadership of 8 Salespeople
Experience in M&A, Corporate Strategy development, Forecasting, Budgeting, Change Management, etc.
Business Development experience - Fundraising, Marketing, Sales
Excellent presentation & communication skills
Entrepreneurial experience

I have a solid idea which has undergone market validation, but I am in need of a technologist to take it any further.

I'm open to opportunities with various levels of time commitment.

Additionally, I have a small to medium level of equity to spend on developing the idea.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.


“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” - Confucius

Work Experience

Strategy & Corporate Development Manager


July 2017 - Today

Responsible for leading company-wide Corporate Development initiatives. This worldwide role entails working across the organization to identify, analyze, and pursue inorganic investment opportunities. Key Projects include the following. 1) Co-led a worldwide team of 60 internal and external team members to complete the fastest, most thorough, and challenging Due Diligence process in the history of the company. 2) Produced a long-term financial planning model which was the first of it's kind, and allowed for informed decision making on topics such as Investments, Capital Allocation, Budgeting, Organizational Structure, and more.

Commercial Operations Manager


January 2016 - June 2017

- Leader of a five member Bids & Proposals team who produce 2,000 proposals each year (total value of ~$500M), and also indirectly lead a seven member sales team. - In addition to quickly and efficiently processing thousands of bids every year, our team works cross-functionally to incorporate market data, competitive intelligence, and long-term strategic objectives into proposals - Due to a recent reorganization, we have worked cross-functionally to create and implement new end-to-end processes and procedures for the new organization. This ongoing effort involved merging two drastically different sales and commercial organizations into one new unified business process.

Business Development Manager


November 2013 - January 2016

Act as an internal advisor to decision makers throughout Oceaneering, but primarily focus on the IWOCS service line. Responsibilities include: - Leading a team of senior employees to build extensive regional growth plans - Provide data, analysis, and insight to functional leaders - Analysis of multiple data sources & forecasting of future demand - Management of worldwide BU strategy process - Development & implementation of annual marketing plan - Annual budget - Vendor cost management - M&A strategy - Supporting the worldwide sales team with data and analytics James is technically proficient, and completed a 4 month O&G technical training program, including 2 months spent offshore acting as an offshore technician.

Senior Consultant

AiB Consulting

August 2012 - December 2013

• Oversaw a diverse team of skilled consultants with a broad range of backgrounds, education levels, and skill sets. • Completed business feasibility studies for clients to analyze the market potential and competitive landscape of an enterprise. • Developed marketing plans which included elements such as marketing mix, pricing strategy, break-even analysis, sales channel development, and market share


Texas A&M University


2012 - 2013