James Colgan

San Francisco, California, US

James's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About James

We're a very experienced and professional two person team that operate very collaboratively and pragmatically. We're the "real deal". The CEO has over 15 years of business and strategy experience, is the visionary of the team who defined the platform and built the business. The Chief Architect has over 15 years experience building web applications and is the very humble architectural genius behind our platform.
We have an incredible platform ready for your brilliant User Experience design to make the app sing! We have customers in the Fortune 100 and 5000 with revenues, and VC engagements.

What we Need
We need the UX magic that will make our business scale. The perfect combination of art & science. You must have an eye for the beautiful and functional. You must never be content with mediocre, but know when we must push code to meet a company objective. We need experience on the LAMP stack and pushing HTML5, CSS and javascript to the max. We want to work with you to create beautiful data visualizations, user experiences and compelling cross-platform API integrations.

We're looking for someone within a range of experience and abilities. If you have the chops and desire to be CTO - fantastic! If you want to take the UX Lead spot and leave the meetings up to someone else - awesome! There's a lot for you to sink your teeth into - informative, intuitive, and compelling data visualization; development of game mechanics and viral loops; integrations with LinkedIn, Sal