James Corbishley

London, United Kingdom

Inventor and sustainable energy startup
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About James

I am an inventor who started out working as a lawyer. I am interested in the environment and sustainability - to help our society to develop and also to not trash the planet whilst we do so!

My main focus is developing a system for grid storage for backing up wind and solar energy. This grid storage method should be cheap and efficient enough to make wind and solar energy competitive with gas and any new build fossil fuel plants - and our storage method should also ideally be emission free and also sustainable both when it is built and decommissioned.

Also, to properly replace fossil fuel backup plant, the energy storage system should be 'long term' - able to store and generate a sustained power output for at least 6 hours - cheaply!

My method involves combining the proven technologies: compressed air energy storage and thermal energy storage. Basically, I have devised a new type of combined cycle energy storage plant using these technologies. A novel set of air pipes are used 'heat pump' the condenser energy from the thermal plant's steam cycle.

This gives a thermal energy storage cycle where the condenser energy is recovered - drastically increasing efficiency - and also a compressed air cycle with around half the airflow of conventional plant - for significantly lower costs.

I am currently looking for commercial partners with some relevant industry experience to help me finalise the design and then to get it onto the grid.

My patents are in the US and Western Europe (Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Republic of Ireland).


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