James Liu

Los Angeles, California, US

James Liu's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About James Liu

Short version: Proven entrepreneur/businessman looking for CTO.

I have been in many different industries in various capacities. After college I jumped into the finance world and went on to start my own hedge fund and real estate private equity firm. I enjoy different things and my inner basketball nerd even landed me a stint as an NBA writer. Afterwards my curiosity about manufacturing brought me to Asia where I worked at a textile factory supplying major global brands. I eventually became its COO. It's a good job but I want to go back to the states and go into the tech/digital space.

I am looking for a rockstar mobile app developer. He/she has to be intelligent, loyal, and self motivated. This last part is important to me because I have met too many talented, smart, and well qualified individuals that get burned out easily and eventually waste their abilities. If we do this, we do this together. I will be giving my all and so should you. I don't mind if you're not a well rounded person, but all I ask is for you to excel in the technical side of things, be really good at it, and actually execute.

As your partner with a more real-life business experience I will take care of everything else outside of the development itself. You won't have to worry a thing that's non-technical. I will provide the capital, the general business direction, do everything a good company needs to be as legit as possible, and I can also feed you as many projects as your heart desires. Despite this rather serious summary I actually know how to have fun and get along really easily with almost all types of individuals. Boredom will never be an issue.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I find someone suitable that we will be successful together so if you are my dream CTO co-founder, hit me up!