James Liu

Los Angeles, California, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About James

I'm an 8-year experienced product/project/technical manager with an original background in software engineer, system architecture, and UI/UX. I used to work at 3M Cogent in Pasadena. I'm an programmer at heart.

Started BoxCat Games in 2012 March. BoxCat is self-funded with a seed of $250,000. We're a mid-core casual mobile game studio. As a business we're focused on a slow-burn process to establish ourselves as a quality brand.

We're looking for someone that would like to the take up the development director/CTO position:

- Similar technical foundation
- Passion to make games
- Force-of-will to build a company
- Fearless can-do mindset
- Social Chemistry between myself and Steve (co-founder)
- Full-time 120% commitment

We've done quite a lot in the past year by launching Nameless: the Hackers RPG (http://nth.box.cat/) with a production capital of $13,000 USD and a development cycle of 9 months using only 3 individuals. As a serious contender in the mobile space for quality games, BoxCat has built media relations, alliances with other indies, and have met many industry advisors.

Looking for an individual that can augment the business networks of Steve and myself. A willingness to roll-up their sleeves and do ground-level grunt work. Must be proficient in multiple programming languages, able to manage engineering teams, have a passion for game design and fun aesthetics. An open-mindedness to new technology, but with a sense of business cost, scheduling, and resource capacity.


University of California, Berkeley

Computer Science

2005 - 2005

University of California, Berkeley

Applied Mathematics

2005 - 2005