James Maisu

Los Angeles, California, US

James's Skills
Product Management

About James

I am a thorough computer scientist. Technology is a fundamental drive and passion in my life. I never stop learning; I never stop growing.

I bring to the table a wealth of experience in owning projects from the initial idea, to prototypes, to MVPs, to demos, to beta, to first version releases. I have done many projects in a solo capacity, and I have lead teams on others.

I am looking for a co-founder (maybe two) to get a start-up going. Ideally, my co-founder(s) would share my deep-rooted interest in social activity, psychology, and human nature in general. I have a prototype of a start up that I began working on earlier this year in the event discovery industry, designed to scale excellently in utilization and cost. I also have a handful of other ideas and side projects. What I feel that would be most helpful in moving to productization at this point is someone with business development and/or marketing experience. However, if you think we could work well together I am open to other possibilities.

I care more about personality and compatibility than individual accolades. I value the ability to learn quickly and thoroughly as much as I value experience. I appreciate empathy and sincerity more than "hustling." Perhaps most importantly: we must share the same vision.