James Stewart

Glasgow, United Kingdom

James's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About James

I'm a marketer based in Glasgow. I've worked for a government minister, started my own charity and had various successes over a number of years.

For those with programming & developer skills seeking to join:

* SocketSearch
Status: Live, website functioning. Prototype app created but not live.
Purpose: Ever been travelling and need to find somewhere that allows you to plug your laptop in? That's what this is.
Website: www.socketsearch.com
What I need: A programmer/developer who can help me get the website to the point of launching it properly.

For those seeking a marketer or someone to join them:

Work history

* Worked for a UK Government Cabinet Minister from 2012 - 2015 in Westminster.
* Set up a charity, Get-Well Gamers UK - we take your old video games and consoles and put them to sick children in hospitals across the UK.
* Marketing director/co-founder for a campaign against the airline Loganair, challenging the high cost of flights to and from Scottish Islands. The company have already agreed to institute a compassionate fares discount which the group wrote.
* Raised over £200,000 to get a Skatepark built in the Shetland Islands.
* Currently working as a media officer as a day job

I have a track record of marketing success and I will get more eyes on your product.

But if you think you can offer something to my project do let me know!