James Yost

Dunn, North Carolina, US

James's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About James

My company is a ride-sharing saas that uses highly targeted ads to allow drivers to keep close to 100% of each fare and offer users the ability to save money.

I'm looking for a great programmer/dev that can share my passion for making the world a better place one piece at a time. Someone that wants to work hard with me, not for me. I love people and I'm all about having a great environment where people are happy to work together, not forced.

I've currently developed my business idea, created a business plan, a rough prototype, and I'm learning to code so I can understand the struggles a programmer might go through as we grow the company. I'll be applying to the YC winter batch 2016, hopefully with a co-founder.

After growing up in the poorest city in the US, I went to college got my BA and MBA, left a corporate job to pursue a sales position, which I became number 1 in the nation in sales, even though I'm an introvert. I've trained and managed people to help them achieve their financial and personal growth goals. I had a lot of design and programming friends in college, unfortunately it wasn't a robust program and none of my friends can fulfill what I'm needing for this startup.