Jamie Bowers

San Francisco, California, US

Founder and CEO @ S Traveler www.straveler.io
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About Jamie

I started my adult career as an elementary school teacher for 7 years in South Central Los Angeles. Being one of the few teachers who held a credential at the time, I chose this location because I wanted to make a difference in the world, in the only way I knew how. But with my passion for dogs and the burnout of teaching, I took a risk and transitioned into a new career. I became a certified dog trainer and entrepreneur and partnered with my twin sister, Jill, to join her in-home dog training business, Thank Dog! Training; carving out my own position and niche in the business. With that, I soon realized I was a natural creator and loved creating new businesses/programs. Both Jill and I wanted to make more of a difference in the lives of dogs and owners and that’s when the expansion of Thank Dog! Training was born. I co-founded the first ever human and dog outdoor exercise and obedience training program - Thank Dog Bootcamp (TDBC) - that owners do with their dogs. TDBC was featured in several local, national, and international news media outlets, including, but not limited to “Good Morning America,” “The Today’s Show,” “Cesar Millan” and “Access Hollywood”, and the program is still running today.

In addition, I've been a student, coach, and teacher in the self-development world for 13 years. I'm a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher who co-directed a full-time meditation school program, called Quiet Time, in SFUSD for 6 years and successfully wrote, developed, and taught the first ever Social and Emotional Intelligence (life skills) elective class to juniors and seniors at Burton High school for the past 3 years. Currently, I'm working with the administration at Lowell High School, the 6th ranked public school in CA, to make the class an A – G course where students receive college credit for taking the class. Furthermore, I am the program director and developer of the up and coming Camp Headlands, a youth and teen summer camp that teaches 21st Century Skills through adventure, team building, learning sessions, and fun! And now, I'm now ready to take all my successes, skills and learnings to the next level, to make a bigger impact in the world through S Traveler.

IMAGINE: A new social platform that encourages growth, success, and deep human connection through culturally relevant self-development courses and metaphorical travel (courses are optional, users can choose to use S Traveler for social interactions only); giving users the ability to not only keep in touch with family and friends, but to meet new people from all around the world on a positive, safe, secure and open-minded platform.

We are taking away politics and negativity by adding culture and self - development teachings offered by S Traveler instructors from different countries around the globe. The intention is to create culture exposure in a self-empowerment context so we can learn, support, and finally grow together to unify the world. That said, users will be immersed in the cultural communities of their choosing, consisting of supportive members with similar goals and growth-oriented mindsets.

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