Jamie Bowers


San Francisco, California, US

Founder and CEO @ S Traveler www.straveler.io
Jamie's Skills
Life Coaching
Curricula Development
Personal Development

About Jamie

Nothing to do with technology, but I'm a natural creator and love to start new businesses/programs. First, I co-created the first ever human and dog outdoor exercise and obedience training program that owners do with their dogs (www.thankdogbootcamp.com). We've been in several local, national, and international media outlets and the program is still running today. In addition to, I wrote, developed, and now teach the first ever Social and Emotional Intelligence (life skills) elective class to juniors and seniors at Burton High school in San Francisco. Gavin Newsom visited my class, along with many news outlets, to discuss what we need to do to make the world a better place. Basically, I am a dreamer who turns ideas into reality. And now, I'm ready to make a bigger impact in the world through my desire, creativity, and dedication of self-development to reach the masses and create more positivity in the world.

Imagine: A new social media experience that allows individuals striving to grow and succeed to take courses (aka destinations) alone, or with other users (aka Travelers) while keeping in touch and being supported by life coaches, friends, family and new people! The self-development piece is integrated through an interactive map that will give the option for users to "travel" to different countries to experience other cultural teachings of self-development while immersing the user within that community. The goal is for users to learn from each other through these experiences while learning about other cultural teachings.

The social aspect has the same features as Facebook (you can post pics, pics of your fam, updates, etc...) with the option of anonymity but exists within a positive and supportive environment with tools to make you and your friends thrive. Check out S Traveler! www.straveler.io