Jan Hajto

Munich, Germany

Jan's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Jan

I am a dental professional in my own practice and doing many things more, such as lectures, courses, publications and consulting for dental industry. I have co founded a digital dental lab in 2007 (www.biodetis.com).

The business side of dentistry and practice management is underdeveloped in Germany. Dentists need software tools that facilitate the running and management of a dental office. we have many regulations to follow, QM processes to monitor and implement, marketing to take care of, staff management, hardware management, internal communication etc. I have several ideas and concepts how user friendly intuitive software (PC or mobile) could facilitate all this. This would be a "Praxis Navigator".

I am looking for a programmer who is interested to develop some proof of concept which can be validated in daily use. From this a general software solution for dental offices and also other medical offices and small business could be developed. I would invest my know how and time am looking for a programmer who is willing to try this on his part for an equal share in a future business.
The ideal candidate should be able to manage the technical side of software development on his own, have a good understanding of up to date intuitive user interfaces and a solid background in application development. some spare time to invest in such a venture.