Janklod Bonbon

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Janklod's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Janklod

Janklod is an action-oriented, creative,
entrepreneurial marketer owning a
passion for entertainment and
hospitality. His track record
demonstrates his ability to manage,
collaborate, and communicate with
all levels of management. Equipped
with an innate sense of observation,
he has the rare ability to break down
processes into their most
fundamental form. Janklod's process
for creating the highest performing
operational procedure consist of
analyzing, executing, refining,
optimizing, and repeating. Believing
an organization is only as good as the
sum of its parts, Janklod is ready to
embrace the challenge to create the
best experience possible.

He is looking for someone with programming expertise (Web/mobile app development) interested in creating a platform to disrupt the nightlife industry.