Berkeley, California, US

Jared's Skills
Product Management

About Jared

After working for an enterprise startup from when we got our Series A past being acquired, I set out on my own to work on a few of my ideas. While I am decent at coming up with ideas that are novel (I even got a lot of press (TechCrunch, Reddit, LifeHacker, etc.) and users for one of them), I am having a hard time coming up with ideas that are real businesses that people will pay for.

Development-wise, my strengths are JavaScript (including a Chrome extension and a Meteor project), C++, python (Django), and C#.

My general strengths are:
* I can build all of aspects of a product on my own if needed.
* A lot of knowledge about what is out there in a variety of domains; decent Hacker News karma.
* Able to quickly get up to speed in many technologies
* I have a CS degree from a top ten CS school -- which while different than software development -- is still pretty useful.

My primary needs are:

* Working with someone who has an idea (and does the work for building traction) or who I can brainstorm with such that we're working on something that can turn into a real startup.

* I'd like to find someone to work with who has good design skills. It isn't my strongest area and I prefer to focus on other areas, but it can be really important, especially at the startup stage.

* I generally would like to work with other developers (even on side projects), since I haven't done that much since college and it could potentially lead to finding a cofounder that I would work well with.