Jared East

Los Angeles, California, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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First time founder

About Jared

I am a passionate trained mixing engineer, yet have experience in account management, sales, product management and marketing in a variety of industries for the last 7 years. I recently decided to leave my position as a product manager to follow my hearts burning desire to start this company.

I am looking to partner with a person who lives to test the impossible. Although I can imagine innovative solutions, I don't have the technical knowledge to understand what is required to build them entirely. All projects I have been involved in the past, we had a team of developers provided by the company to breakdown what is required to build the idea.

It will be a dream come true to meet a partner with advanced technical knowledge who is up to date on the best methods of programming for both mobile app development and web development. As a team we can both can build a vehicle, that can continually innovate, build, and influence positive change in the world through technology.

The business plan is drafted. If you are interested in more information, please let me know.


Musicians Institute

A.A.S Audio Engineering and Media Arts

2007 - 2007


Audio Engineering