Jared Grippe

San Francisco, California, US

Teacher at Dev Bootcamp
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About Jared

In my day-to-day work, I am most passionate about building beautiful and useful applications. I try to stay in the mind of the user as much as possible.

In life, I am most passionate about making the world a better place. Weather that means "Empowering anyone anywhere to be the change they want to see" or teaching ~20 new people every 3 weeks to be web developers.

While I am a full stack developer I specialize in browser application architecture and development.

My most impressive accomplishment would have to be my work at Change.org. I was the first developers hired at Change.org. Over the next three years I helped grow the engineering team from 2 to 30 developers. As the Principal Engineer I was instrumental in organizing the engineering team and it's processes. I also co-lead the team technically as a member of the architectural team.

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Dev Bootcamp

February 2015 - December 2016