Jared Hardy

Los Angeles, California, US

Founding Director at Data Roads Foundation
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Business Development
Product Management
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Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Jared

I've built PC hardware systems from the motherboard up, custom configured their Operating Systems, and then wrote bespoke internal tools to work on top. I've managed small teams in every aspect of technology, collaborated on creative vision with designers, and helped turn those visions into reality from every angle. I have credits in 12 console games from 12 years in the gaming industry, developed 4 first corporate web sites from nothing, helped establish hiring standards and recruiting practices at 2 companies, and served as the product owner of a multi-million dollar per month profit earning web service. I thrive on automating myself out of jobs that I don't want, and properly delegating the jobs I do want. I've managed direct advertiser partnerships with the smallest and biggest names in the online advertising industry, including Google AdSense and Yahoo/Bing AdCenter. I've held conference calls with industry titans on a weekly basis. I started two nonprofit social enterprises, one hyperlocal and one global.


The “beauty” of an institutionalized fraud like the employment contract is that there is no de facto transfer that fulfills the contract. The pseudotransfer of labor (i.e., voluntary co-operation with the employer) has been accepted for centuries by the legal authorities themselves as fulfilling the contract. The “discovery” of the fraud thus requires extensive analysis to see that labor is not de facto transferable after all. And any responsible scholar and respected businessperson–being embedded in the institutions of the employment system–has every incentive not to make that discovery. - David Ellerman

Work Experience


Closer Cycle Systems

January 2013 - December 2016


University of Southern California

BSc in Computer Science, Minor in Fine Arts

1994 - 1998