Jared Melnyk

Chicago, Illinois, US

Jared's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jared

I am schooled in finance from the University of Illinois, with 6 years experience in technical / professional sales. Those 6 years were spent at a small entrepreneurial company with 10-20 people where I earned complete autonomy over projects and managed younger professionals.

I have several business ideas in different stages of development. Most notably I am currently building an online platform to support local runners, which combines an interactive calendar system with social media tools to make it easier for local runners to find other people to run with and share their activities with their friends.

I can manage projects, lead a team and build a customer base from scratch without trouble. I am looking to partner with a technical expert or team that can act as co-founder / CTO / developer for my digital startup ideas and is willing to work for equity. I am also interested in joining a technical team to manage business development and/or operations for a project already in progress.

I am flexible with regard to industry, but am passionate about fitness, music, art, education and sustainability. I can support myself for about a year without salary, but realistically will probably maintain part-time work and devote 25-35 hours / week to startup projects. My goal is to live independently and comfortably - I am not looking to build the next Facebook or Google. I am much more concerned with sustainability and profitability than the size of my company.

I am familiar with lean startup methodologies and believe in many of Jason Fried's concepts as well. I am looking to implement these tactics and partner with an outstanding technical person or team to make this startup thing happen.