Jarred Deptula

Syracuse, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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My name is Jarred Deptula, from Syracuse NY, and I am founder of a company still in development , This website absolutely has the potential of becoming the webs #1 go to firearm Site. I have a Great and Very Capable team of designers, developers, and marketing professionals. However, I’m looking for a business partner with whom I can work, I need a partner with certain skills, personality traits, and know how such as:
• Knows the firearm business and industry
• Is business smart and is skilled in business writing
• Good communication skills both in person and over the phone
• Good with negotiations and a likable personality

I am whiling to give a partner 15% - 20% ownership of the company, however this is negotiable.
Whomever ends up filling this partnership position will understand very quickly how much potential and promise this business offers. Once launched I am confident this website and business will bring in dollars in the millions in its first few years of operation. There are some steps, mostly rather small ones that still need to be taken before we get the investors on board. I’m looking for someone whiling to put their time and hard work into this company, once done this work will be very rewarding, thanks for your time and interest, Any interested parties whom meet my requirments please contact me -

Jarred Deptula

Contact info:
Jarred Deptula
Phone: 315-876-7671