Jarret Ealy

New York, New York, US


About Jarret

Working a typical day job does not fit my character. I do not want to force myself to go into a job everyday knowing I have a trite routine to perform on a daily basis, only to go to sleep knowing I must endure the same boredom the subsequent day. I have high ambitions and want more than satisfactory which normal jobs can't fulfill. I want to be part of a group of people who I can grow and succeed with for a long term, where each day is a new journey and I can interact with people from many different backgrounds. The "do it yourself" attitude is my foundation and startup companies are bred from it. The greatest part about being a piece of a startup is as an employee you learn all aspects of business from the marketing to tech to communication. The long hours and planning are mitigated when your doing something you enjoy with people you can go out an have a drink with.


Binghamton University

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

2014 - 2014