Jarret Ealy

Kings County, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management
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About Jarret

I currently work at a hydraulics company as a sales engineer. My strong suit is connecting with others dissecting their problems and finding ways that my solution fits their needs. I enjoy the sales process, targeting prospects, customer facing situations, analyzing problems and convincing buyers you have full faith to escalate and maintain their business with your product.

I am interested in linking with a technical cofounder to build the next big thing. I enjoy building business, selling and doing some tech work and I hope my counter part enjoys the engineering and developing, building business and some selling. I have a few ideas dealing with software and hardware but I am very open to pivoting my focus to other ideas I see the compatibility and market. Don't be shy, please reach out!



"Trust the process" - Shaun McNiff

Work Experience

Systems Engineer

Progressive Hydraulics

May 2016 - Today

Sales Engineer -Increased Territory sales +30% from the year prior

Product Analyst

Epion Health

January 2015 - December 2015

Technical and Data Analyst Product Builder Quality Assurance

Research Assistant

Medgar Evers College

June 2014 - May 2015

Designed maps from Geographic Information System (GIS) software to display areas concentrated with high O3 and NO2 levels over the lower troposphere of Texas for successive years, utilizing data tabulated in Microsoft Excel. ♦ Utilizing Visual Basic (VB) to convert a code, written as a multiphase model analyzing the nitric acid chemical reaction in the polar boundary layers, on Windows XP to function on Windows 7. ♦ Analyzing the nitric acid chemical reaction to interpret the impact on the polar boundary layers and ultimately developing a new numerical model, coded in C++, to analyze this data and use later in scientific journals.


Binghamton University

Mechanical Engineering

2009 - 2014