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Jasmin Elalfy

Business Development, Marketing, Sales

New Brunswick, New Jersey, US


About Jasmin

I am an entrepreneur that is working on two apps (one small & one large project) and realized that I can't do it all alone (w/ a full time job at that)! One of the apps is in prototype phase and we are close to our MVP. The other is in ideation w/ a full business plan. Looking for someone who is willing to help secure seed funding for the large project which is related to real estate. You will be working with me and another co-founder who is also the software developer and is overseas. We will be networking & going to events in order to find our next big investor. Ideally looking for someone with more financial & fundraising background and with some tech skills.



Work Experience

Property Manager

Oxford Realty Group

September 2016 - January 0




2014 - 2016


Public Relations