Jasmin Hume

New York, New York, US

Jasmin's Skills
Product Management

About Jasmin

My name is Jasmin, and I'm a cofounder of BenchPals. Besides running our startup, in my spare time I'm also pursuing my PhD in protein chemistry. We have built a great product but need someone to join our team to take us the extra mile and really make something useful for lab rats like us!
BenchPals aims to revolutionize laboratory management, making daily administrative tasks much easier and less time consuming. Our company focuses on serving laboratories and research institutions that spend valuable time organizing and managing large amounts of data and laboratory resources on a daily basis.
We are looking for a technical cofounder - someone who will be able to bring our prototype to market and improve what we've built to make it into an invaluable tool for scientists. Feel free to reach us at info@benchpals.com, we look forward to hearing from you!