Jasmine de Savigny

Bristol, United Kingdom

Founder @ Yogi Hub
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Product Delivery
User Experience

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First time founder

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About Jasmine

Yogi Hub is the go-to place for yoga professionals to gain exposure and build their reputation.
It’s a self-serves portal where they can promote themselves, get paid, expand their business, inspire students & discover more about yoga.

Unlike the current fragmented mash of services with small footfalls, we strive to be the one stop shop for Yoga, catering to the whole market.
With our adaptable selling options – Book, Rent or Buy – you can promote anything! If you can think of it, you can list it.

I have a successful awarding winning career as a User Experience Architect, a degree in Product Design and I am also a yoga teacher.
I know the yoga market well and have a lot of product experience.

I’m looking for a business partner ideally based in Bristol to manage the business side of things.
I currently have an MVP to prove the concept and hopefully secure investment.

If this sounds like a project you would like to get involved in please get in contact.