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Jason Bennick

President, DIG @GA Telesis; CEO @Blockrails; CoFounder @Product Lab @Vesey Street Partners

Miami, United States
Startup stage
Investment Capital, Investment Administration, Investment Acquisition, Financial & Legal Transactions, Financial, Business Analysis, Branding & Identity, Building Strong Relationships, Business Planning, Business Process, Business Strategy, Change Management, Finance, Marketing, Growth, Public Relations, User Experience, Sales, Strategy, Legal, Fundraising, Operations, Technical, Business Development
PLEASE READ: If you have a legitimate startup (product, initial traction, building revs) and are seeking advice, Board seat or possible collaboration, I'm always open to a bona fide opportunity in emerging technology, finance, education or mobility, that aligns with my current strategies. My most valuable asset is thought equity and time, so please realize I will invest it judiciously. I am otherwise passionate about startups, vision and making dreams a reality. I'm an accomplished Founder, CEO or CxO with 20+ years of experience in heading business strategy, technology innovation and business transformation with numerous startups and always putting more in the pipeline. As a motivational, focused leader and champion of transformational change, what moves me is blueprinting and executing on large-scale operations to elevate profitability and market presence. I drive my value in building and maintaining lasting relationships and stakeholder engagement through a people-focused approach. I consider human capital the most important investment for any company. My hunger for innovation inspires divergent thinking, galvanizing continuous team and process improvements across sales, marketing, operations, fiscal management, and resource utilization to enable growth. Building the future and helping fix a broken planet is important to me. Which is why a commitment to revolution is at the core of my ambition.

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