Jason Bennick


Miami, Florida, US

President, DIG @GA Telesis; CEO @Blockrails; CoFounder @Product Lab @Vesey Street Partners
Jason's Skills
Investment Capital
Investment Administration
Investment Acquisition
Financial & Legal Transactions
Business Analysis
Branding & Identity
Building Strong Relationships
Business Planning
Business Process
Business Strategy
Change Management
Public Relations
User Experience
Business Development
Open to networking with people holding these skills
Capital Development
Capital Acquisition
User Experience
Public Relations
Product Management
Business Development

About Jason

PLEASE READ: If you have a legitimate startup (product, initial traction, building revs) and are seeking advice, Board seat or possible collaboration, I'm always open to a bona fide opportunity in emerging technology, finance, education or mobility, that aligns with my current strategies.

My most valuable asset is thought equity and time, so please realize I will invest it judiciously.

I am otherwise passionate about startups, vision and making dreams a reality.

I'm an accomplished Founder, CEO or CxO with 20+ years of experience in heading business strategy, technology innovation and business transformation with numerous startups and always putting more in the pipeline.

As a motivational, focused leader and champion of transformational change, what moves me is blueprinting and executing on large-scale operations to elevate profitability and market presence. I drive my value in building and maintaining lasting relationships and stakeholder engagement through a people-focused approach.

I consider human capital the most important investment for any company.

My hunger for innovation inspires divergent thinking, galvanizing continuous team and process improvements across sales, marketing, operations, fiscal management, and resource utilization to enable growth.

Building the future and helping fix a broken planet is important to me. Which is why a commitment to revolution is at the core of my ambition.


"Impossible just means no one has done it yet." - Anonymous

Work Experience

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer (2015-2019)

Dealer Market Exchange

July 2015 - October 2019

Dealer Market Exchange is an enterprise business mobility solutions services platform. IP acquired in 2019 now Digitraid Auto LLC (DGi brand).

Chief Operating Officer (2008 - 2014)

AutoLoop LLC

August 2008 - August 2014

Affinitiv is now powered by AutoLoop technology (Affinitiv acquired AutoLoop in 2019). Delivers for car dealerships advanced sales, service, and engagement support, build brand loyalty, optimize customer experience, drive revenue. Visit https://www.affinitiv.com/about-us/

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Stonetrust Consulting LLC

August 2014 - Today

Stonetrust Consulting provides specialized business solutions to a wide array of business clients from startup early stage and mature growth companies in various industries, ensuring positive business impacts against strict requirements. For more information visit https://www.stonetrust-consulting.com/

Founder, Chairman

World for Human Rights

April 2015 - Today

World for Human Rights is a foundation supporting human rights, predicated on the Declaration of Human Rights. Working with and supporting those today that place the greater value on the improvement of mankind. For more information visit https://www.worldforhumanrights.org/

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Product Lab LLC

December 2019 - Today

Product Lab LLC is a full service digital product agency based in New York. We design and develop business mobile & web solutions at every scale. For more information visit https://productlab.dev

Non-Executive Board Member

Quube Exchange

December 2019 - Today

Board member with Investors to advise on company strategic efforts. Quuube is the first and only quantum-resistant ecosystem for the crypto world. Security token fabric & marketplace for venture capital markets – a quantum safe ecosystem. Visit more at Quube at https://quube.exchange.

Non-Executive Board Chairman

Neos Equity Group

December 2019 - Today

Neos Equity Group is an emerging alternative asset management firm acquiring income-producing private companies with unique IP value. Neos provides strategic planning, managerial insight and capital to drive businesses towards increased levels of growth and profitability in a synergistic portfolio from a fragmented market.

Co-Founder, Senior Managing Director

Vesey Street Partners

November 2019 - Today

Vesey Street Partners LLC is a Direct Lender specializing in financing solutions for the technology, healthcare, mobility, media and distribution industries. We source the lending opportunities, underwrite the collateral, originate the loans, handle all of the servicing, and hold all loans on our books.


Digital Innovation Group

November 2020 - Today

The Digital Innovation Group (DIG Holdings LLC, a GA Telesis company) is a creative think tank and execution team charged with innovating business solutions using emerging technologies. DIG was formed in 2020 under GA Telesis, LLC, a leading global provider of integrated services in the commercial aerospace industry. DIG's vision is a secure and connected world powered through ingenuity and democratized technology, making transformational technology accessible for every business. DIG is currently underway developing and introducing a series of innovative and connected business solutions using emerging technologies, each helping drive transformational change in removing friction and improving business speed and viability. For more information visit https://dig.tech

Chief Executive Officer

Blockrails LLC

January 2021 - Today

Blockrails is a military-grade secure virtual transaction ecosystem. It is a turn-key platform using emerging technologies, designed for unlimited parties in a transaction to securely engage and prevent payment and document fraud for business in nearly any industry. Blockrails is a DIG Holdings LLC company. For more information visit https://blockrails.com


American InterContinental University

BBA, summa cum laude

2008 - 2012

Northwestern California University School of Law

Juris Doctor (candidate)

2012 - 2013


MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp


Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application

MIT Sloan

Blue Ocean Strategy

INSEAD School of Business

Contract Law