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Jason Cimino

Marketer, Business Developer

Boston, Massachusetts, US


About Jason

I am looking to join a technical co-founder to augment & build out the business development & marketing. Previously, I was the 3rd employee at Gameface Media where we built a content marketing engine through professional photographs at endurance events. I built an event sales business driving over 2 million athletes through our system in the first 16 months of our operations, quickly leading Gameface to be the world's leading provider of FREE, professional photographs. In year 2, I was asked to monetize those athletes by selling unique advertising packages. In 2015, we generated nearly $1,000,000 in sales from brand advertisers. In both cases, I was charged prospecting the market, tackling prospects from initial outreach to close, building all our own marketing collateral, collaborating with product/development, etc. Building this business has given me the entrepreneurial itch to build my own, hence looking for a technical cofounder to team up with.