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Denver, Colorado, US

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Got data (or a data idea) and have no idea what do with it all? How to look at it? What it all means? How it can be turned into sound decision making and highlight opportunities?

I'm would classify myself as a data analyst and statistician with a huge dose of technical savvy and development experience primarily in analytic software such as SAS and SPSS. Currently, I'm teaching myself Python and eventually R in the coming months as well. I've spent the past 10 years performing long term analyses to deep dive correlations to aid in understanding public health trends and most recently within marketing analytics as it pertains to acquisition and retention for a subscriber based business. Much of my time has also been spent developing high level tools/automations that give rapid and consistent insight to those with minimal programming experience but seek to have quick answers to "tell the story" behind the numbers.

This has lead to me becoming an expert in data efficiency, methodology, and standardization. I'm also skilled at simplifying complex problems both in approach and interpretation to a wide audience. Other areas of interest include machine learning and algorithms. I see the power and potential within the world of big data and would love to be a part of a startup that utilizes data in some fashion to make informed strategic decisions.

Ideally, I'd partner with someone who is either lacking or seeking a technical expert in this arena. They would have a significant amount of business acumen and strategic initiative as well as big picture thinking. I'm open to joining a start up or partnering with someone with a great idea around big data/marketing/social analytics. I'm very motivated and quite resourceful as I've taken the initiative to become the expert in my current corporate role. My thinking is very methodical and precise (more bottom up) and would compliment a big picture thinker quite well.

My background is in applied mathematics and currently I'm pursuing my masters in applied statistics and thus won't have a ton of time to dedicate initially, however if things started moving quickly I could certainly adapt accordingly.


Pennsylvania State University

Applied Statistics

2015 - 2015

CU Denver

BS Applied Mathematics

2001 - 2001

Pennsylvania State University

Certificate in GIS

2009 - 2009


Base SAS 9