Jason Jones

Portland, Oregon, US

Jason's Skills
Business Development

About Jason

I am looking for a partner to bring an invaluable business service to fruition in the hospitality industry. Based upon direct surveys, there is a definite need for this service. This model is ground-breaking with nothing quite like it on the market today. You don’t have to quit your “day job” for this project. You need to be willing to put in “sweat equity.” I’m looking for a motivated, creative problem solver, with a passion for innovation. I want someone with a proven track record in back-end, server-based development. Ideally, my partner needs to have professional software development experience, including developing node.js server applications, C++ development experience, developing software on Linux platforms, developing distributed infrastructures, building RESTful web services, solid knowledge of web and networking concepts, including TCP, UDP, HTTP/S, deploying and maintaining cloud services on AWS, key-value databases, especially MongoDB, and front-end JavaScript development, HTML, CSS.