Jason Jowett

Gold Coast, Australia

Jason's Skills
Product Management

About Jason

Horoscorpio in Information Technology applies a tested product suite, with aggregated quality data in geometrically organized cloud based directory trees. Horoscorpio is offering smart watch, mobile and web users, progressive groups for dynamic social interaction. Foremost in benefit to the online industries of gaming and dating, it will facilitate ones personal growth from individuals in families, to their community. Pivotally the advanced chronometrics can aid sportsmen. The personal health orientation can be put to efficient use with nurses, doctors and emergency workers; to better facilitate their private 'coping mechanisms'. Psychologically the mental gap referred to often times as 'closure' can receive adequate facilitation and by common attention to the mental health sector. At last, corporations can benefit, and to Horoscorpios financial reward, with idealized marketing strategy based on the intrinsic quality determinations for advertisers. Along with further consolidations in existing social media through brand strengthening by cross-brand activity, the educationally progressive resource base should prove the most innovative contribution to public services seen since Googles search engine.