jason patel

Auckland, New Zealand

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Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About jason

I believe in focusing on results rather than reasons. I ascertain what is truly important to me along with the end results in every task I undertake and work my way towards achieving those goals with high levels of enthusiasm, motivation and fun.

I have attained strong skills in sales, marketing, technical knowledge, people skills as well as the experience and knowledge gained from being a business owner.

I enjoy helping small businesses with sales & marketing services.


* Sales:I have acquired an array of selling techniques;whether I’m in a B2B or retail environment, or if my tasks require me to be a hunter or farmer.

* IT Savvy:Always up to date with the latest in Information technology and social media

* Marketing:The ability to create a brand and create marketing plan using various mix.

* Business Processes: The ability to understanding business processes, account management and project management methodologies.

* Supervising: The ability to actively supervise personnel through clear direction and maintaining a physical presence.

* Training and Development:Identifying and encouraging people to develop their skills through utilising all training resources available and conducting re-training programs to create an e?ective learning environment.

* Communication:Excellent written and verbal skills – can communicate easily with people from various backgrounds.

* Problem-solving skills:ability to think outside the square to solve problems.

* Great analytical skills:In both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

* Financial statements and taxation:I understand pro?t and loss statements, balance sheets, cash ?ows and business tax implications.

*Event management:Ability to plan, execute and manage an event, in particular a conference, seminar or trade show.


University of the South Pacific

Information Systems Management, eCommerce

1999 - 1999

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Masters of Information Technology

2001 - 2001