Jason Rotella

Albany, New York, US

Jason's Skills
Product Management

About Jason

I am looking for a co-developer/engineer of a participative device to cloud service architecture, in reasonable stages. This individual should be capable of developing and connecting system software at either the edge, or in the datacenter, using open-source project leverage to begin. This individual should also be capable to co-develop a customer acquisition strategy that will lead to some level of initial profitability and signs of growth of customer base through development of useful offering features.

I have secured cloud (private and public) resources for this effort. I am well-versed in embedded systems (hardware and software) and have experience with cloud storage, compute and networking. I am also in close communication with multiple pertinent open source projects.

In addition to the above, since pivoting does in fact happen, I would be interested in any existing projects to which the above sketch would dovetail.