Jason Weisbrot

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Co-founder, Arteeni.com
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About Jason

From a young age I have always been interested and involved in entrepreneurial activities. It started out small: washing cars and selling bulk candy to my schoolmates. In high school and college I built computers, developed websites, and sold cell phone accessories online. After college I went to work for a small real estate development company and then a large hospitality company. While working in the corporate world, I never lost the "itch" to do my own thing. I attempted to start a business on the side, but it didn't go anywhere. I learned quickly that to be successful, I needed to devote all of my time to the business. I also learned that what drives me the most isn't money (although, that's important!), but building something from nothing. So, after nearly 10 years, I left my job to pursue an idea that became Arteeni.com.

Arteeni is an online marketplace for American artisans selling handmade and unique items. Products include fine art, jewelry, home goods, small batch foods, and more. Unlike other marketplaces, we curate both the artists and the products to ensure high quality and craftsmanship and we donate to our partner charities. Our business model is commission based - 30% of all sales and we currently have 150 artisans on the site and about 1,000 products.

My partner and I have made great progress, but we both lack marketing experience and it is preventing us from growing as fast as we can. So, we are interested in the possibility of bringing in another partner to handle the marketing aspects of the business. The ideal person would live in Atlanta and be an expert in internet marketing and have experience working with an e-commerce business. If you're interested, let's connect and discuss further.


University of Florida

Bachelors in Finance

2001 - 2005