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Jason Woodlee

Part Time CTO , Technologist with 20yrs experience

Kings County, United States
Startup stage
React.js, AngularJS, D3, Big Data Analytics, Hadoop, Python, C#, Ruby on Rails, Business Strategy, Building Strong Relationships, Business Process, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Accessibility, Technical
Got my first taste of start-ups and high growth companies in Boston while still in college. Found myself working passionately 60hrs a week while still in school to help two founders build a company web company in the wild web mid 90's. After a couple years of indirection - I left to start a consulting company in NJ. Spent many years consulting in pharma building web apps and infrastructures. Finally joined corporate life after 9/11 and began to climb the corporate ladder. Recently had the opportunity to pioneer - internal incubated start-ups and in LexisNexis. After yet another corporate miss directed layoff. I have decided to follow my passion for RubyOnRails and lean Start-ups to take the plunge back into the start-up space again.

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