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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Jatin

I (http://thev2technologies.com) have extensive experience and expertise, I believe, in product engineering using technologies as varied as Java Server Side to Search Engines to Rule Engines to NoSQL and more. I have helped build complex systems in restricted topologies with fast turn around times for other start-ups needing technical expertise.

Now I am trying to transit from consulting to hard core product development and be a integral part of setup (startup with sound business ideas) where I help products for tomorrow.

Rather than what I look for, I am here to occupy the place where in I can be a right development partner for those having sound business ideas and those wishing to translate their ideas to fruition.

It is always difficult to find the right development partner for those wishing to see their product engineering needs taken cared of in a right way. Product Engineering requires smart thinking, synchronized strategies and technical planning while keeping a sharp eye on your competitors. Products are the business gateway. Well build products that can stand the test of time, be performant and scalable, be flexible to accommodate contradicting requirements and so make business grow and I want to be a part of this exciting exercise and see it happen.
My area of expertise
1. Complex Transactional Systems with Web/Mobile Interfaces and B2B/B2C systems
2. Rule Based Engines
3. Big Data and Search Technologies - Neo4j/MongoDb/Solr/Hadoop
4. Analytics
5. Building Products from Scratch with minimal turn-around times and high flexibility to accommodate changing requirements with minimal regression
6. More


Certified Enterprise Architect, Business Intelligence Tools,