Javid Jamae

San Francisco, California, US

3rd startup, mobile app for events / professional networking, looking for cofounders
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Lean Startup
Sales & Marketing Leadership
Sales & Marketing
Lean Software Development
Software Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Javid

I'm currently working on my 3rd startup. I previously cofounded Camperoo (a YC company) and was also Principal Growth Engineer at Tout.

My background is in software development, but I have done everything in my startup and consulting career: build sales teams, operations, marketing, product management, etc.

Currently, my team is building a new mobile app called Skipcard, which is in the events and professional business networking space.

We are in the same space as LinkedIn, but our focus, is more on events and connecting people in real life rather than just providing online profiles.

We have spent the last several months doing customer development to validate our concept.

After talking to hundreds of people, we've narrowed in on a niche of sales and marketing professionals that are willing to pay for a premium subscription to our product.

We have pre-sold subscriptions to a number of companies.

Not only will they pay, but they will use it heavily at events, which will grow our user base and allow us to move from a subscription utility into a large professional social network.

We're looking for smart, positive, professional, ambitious, and social collaborators who can commit full time to helping us figure out how to disrupt the professional networking space.

We're looking for people with sales, marketing, design, and/or development experience. We really want people who love professional events and business networking.

As a member of our founding team, you would get significant equity in the company and would help define the DNA and culture as we grow.

We're want to disrupt this stagnant sector and we want you to be a part of it!

Work Experience

CEO / Founder


May 2017 - December 2016