Javier Velazquez

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Co-founder of Uproot & Founder of Latch App
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About Javier

Entrepreneur. I am the owner of Uproot, a b2b online marketing company that specializes in helping small businesses enhance their presence online through web development, social media marketing & SEO.

Through Uproot, I'm passionate about personal development, the start up culture, and tech community in Atlanta. I enjoy connecting with other entrepreneurial, self-motivated, like minded individuals that have creative ideas and aren't afraid to put them into organized thought and action.

Community involvement and volunteering also spikes my passion and one of my work hard, play hard, give more core philosophies is
"Getting to the top by helping others reach the top"‚Äč. I'm currently attending the GALEO.org Institute for leadership cohort course this year to learn how to give back and help my community. I am not afraid to learn and try new things, and I am not afraid of failure.

Let's get some coffee.

email: jvelazquez@uprootonline.com


Your biggest ideas come from many small ones put together. - Javier Velazquez

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January 2017 - Today

Founder of an online marketing startup that helps small businesses maximize their online presence and strategy to compete in our ever-evolving digital economy. We achieve this through powerful SEO, education, & affordable web design. Every small business needs online visibility. It's time to grow your business. It's time for impactful web presence.


Georgia Northwestern

Business Management

2015 - 2019

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