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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jay

My dream is to build a great company. I foresee a recognizable brand mentioned among the greatest companies in the world and a great new product or service. I want the company to be well-managed, team oriented, innnovative, and with great people around me. I see myself as a visionary manager. I see myself as the prime decision maker when it comes to the direction of the company. I need partner that understands what it takes for a company to succeed and run smoothly; starting with building a great team. Right now, the company doesn't exist and I'm searching for a partner who envision the same success as I do. I have an idea but I'd rather come up with a new idea with whoever my partner is so that our enthusiasm for the companies' success is mutual. I have no experience but I am well-read and well-prepared to start a company. I've been studying business for years now, I'm now ready to take action and start the great business that I've always envisioned.