Jay Beavers

Seattle, Washington, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Jay

A great team. Really, it's all about that. Do we work well together? We will have each other's back during the tough times that are a part of almost every startup's childhood? Do we compliment each other?

Why me? I live & breathe software development. I know how to prototype hardware using experimental boards from arduinos to inertial measurement units to bluetooth beacons. I can develop everything from scalable web services to iPhone apps to complex websites.

I'm great at building and managing teams and have deep inroads into the talent pool in the greater Seattle area. I can scale a startup from one engineer, me, to twenty person team as we grow.


I'm currently working on a great opportunity to bring technology to the parking industry. Parking is attractive because the state of technology adoption is low, the revenue stream is high, and the industry is ripe for disruption. We have some concepts that are getting customer traction, early prototypes to demonstrate how mobile phones and IoT technology will change the parking experience, and some early customer nibbles. Now we need to add an aggressive cofounder to close our first round of customers and help us expand into the market. We're looking for someone in the Seattle area as we have many good leads established and we've started building out b2b network of partners.


Machine Learning

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Impact HUB Seattle

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