Jay Dang


Business Development, Marketing, Sales

Sydney, Australia


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About Jay

*Update 28/03: Finding a technical co-founder is a mission! Willing to pay wages for the right person*

I’m a nice person who doesn’t mind to socialise and very good with people. Introverted and prefers to listen, but an awesome leader when the time comes.

I am looking for my "Woz" - are you him/her? I work 50+ hrs/wk on this business and like to partner with a co-founder who will put in the same hrs and effort.

We are in the tech, retail, ecommerce space (B2B and B2C) taking on the likes of Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon. I'm at a point where I can no longer further my business plans.

If you can write software for the PC/Mac (C# or Objective C/Swift) without any assistance. You are the "Woz" I'm looking for. I will fill in the rest of the roles.

Hit me up, we can go for coffee, sign NDAs and discuss our business views and see if they're in line with each others - also a great chance to get to know each other :o)


Borderline Genius and Psychotic - IQ + EQ + Personality - Jay


Confident leader, ambitious and very competitive..