Jay Madrigal

Westminster, California, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Jay

Who am I and who I'm looking for:

I've been in the ecommerce industry for over 7 years and recently started my entrepreneurial journey and have been working on my very first startup. I've put together my passion/love for video games and consumer products (ecommerce) and have been developing a unique gamified mobile marketplace platform.

I'm looking for a technical co-founder who will join me on this journey and is passionate about video games, especially competitive gaming. Preferably someone who is in the video game industry and in mobile game development. Someone who also knows a thing or two (or even just casually follows) about eSports or competitive gaming.

What is PrizeMonsters?

PrizeMonsters is a mobile first platform currently in development that's aimed at connecting gamers to products and brands via competitive gaming.

Our goal is to not only make esports competitions and tournaments accessible anywhere and at any time with any mobile game but to also bridge the gap between gamers and brands via a unique gamified mobile marketplace.

We’re currently in development and will be integrating our platform on several fun and competitive mobile games. As we partner with more mobile game developers and brands, the number of games in our network will continue to grow, providing players with a wide variety of mobile games with competitions and tournaments as well as bigger and better products and rewards.

**For more info and to signup to become a tester visit our site www.prizemonsters.com or email me (jay at prizemonsters dot com). I'd love to learn more about you and see if we can explore possible ways to work together.


Westwood College

Bachelor's of Arts Animation

2010 - 2010


Faststart Studio