Jay Root

Omaha, Nebraska, US

Sales and marketing focused professional. Work with large brick and mortar and ecommerce retailers
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Sales Rep Training
Sales Program Development
Sales Process Development
Sales Plan
Sales Organizations
Sales Operations
Sales Online
Sales Metrics
Sales Leads
Sales Improvement
Sales Copy
Sales Conversion
Sales Compensation
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Distribution
Open to networking with people holding these skills
Public Relations
Business Development
Product Management
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About Jay

I am a 4th generation furniture manufacturer representative. I have been fortunate enough to learn tricks of the trade and really learn the retail side of business with some of the best minds in the industry.

While learning how business has been done, the last two-three years I have been working with furniture manufacturers to develop strong ecommerce operations. This has required a tremendous learning curve on all fronts. Furniture is a much larger item than traditional/initial ecommerce products were--which required new thought processes on our end. The end result is that we are meeting our customer where they are shopping-- both in brick and mortar and online.

I really enjoy learning about different industries and the trends others are experiencing. I also enjoy studying business models--both traditional and emerging models. The internet and technology is creating new opportunities and new ways to engage customers. I am trying to stay current with these trends and help vendors and retailers adapt at the rate the market emerges.

In my free time I love playing golf. It's a game that can never be won or lost; only constantly improved upon.


“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Work Experience

Marketing and Sales

Furniture Sales of Mid America

May 2009 - Today

Focused on selling furniture to top furniture retailers. Working with new vendors to develop a new product category for furniture retailers--which includes selling retailers and the follow up sales training to get the follow up sales on the retail floor. The last two years I have been focused on continuing to develop that category as well as developing ecommerce channels with furniture vendors. This has required a completely different thought process- both from the retail and manufacturing perspectives.


Creighton Universtity

Bachelor Arts and Sciences

2005 - 2009