Jay Schiff

New York, New York, US

Healthcare CEO Opportunity
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I'm an experienced investor in private companies who has partnered with a smart young engineer friend to develop a new pharmacy tech device and software to try to combat the opioid epidemic. My co-founder has a Masters in Engineering from NYU and has built a prototype of the hardware and programmed the initial software required. He is admittedly more of a CTO than CEO. I plan to continue to act as an Advisor and can help raise money at the right time, but not be an employee given other responsibilities. Therefore, we're looking for someone who could help lead this business who has an entrepreneurial spirit and preferably has contacts in the pharmacy industry. The business has the unique ability to make significant revenue and save lives. However, we need to move it to the next level. This could initially be a part-time job. We are offering equity, but no cash compensation until we get through beta testing and raise outside capital. No cash investment required by candidate.