Jay Wyshak

Boulder, Colorado, US

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First time founder

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Our startup in Boulder Colorado has designed and developed the only wireless personal automation system built for outside use AND for the average consumer around the world.

Our system of smart nodes will work together to help anyone with a job to do.
We give everyone with a smart phone/pad/laptop easy wireless control of their environment.

Our system of wireless nodes will sense a variety of useful entities such as: motion, soil humidity, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, ambient light, etc. They will work together to switch ON and OFF thousands of watts of AC – useful for running pumps, motors, fans, alarms, high-watt lights, etc. We do this without the use of costly and SLOW cloud services.

We have done the development and need help to get the project to Kickstarter where we can demonstrate to the world and begin taking orders.

We need a co-founder with VISION primarily, and secondarily with the funds to help us launch a successful Kickstarter campaign. We have a product with world wide appeal and we expect lots of profits to share with our investor.

The startup we formed 2 years ago. The development has been by experienced hardware engineers who've specialized in today’s modern wireless smart home technologies with previous years of experience in industrial automation.

We differentiate our systems from all those under current development or already on the market by these factors;
1. Our systems are set-and-forget and will continue automatic communications without the constant involvement of the HUB. They also are easily re-configurable to do different jobs on different days.
2. Our HUB is a WiFi to Smart Home technology server/bridge and is on the ground instead of the clouds
3. Our system can be used outside in harsh weather.
4. Our systems can be 100% effective and controllable in areas where no connection to the internet exists
5. Our nodes are equipped to drive motor-actuators for opening windows and vents (useful for greenhouse control)

IN SHORT: the system was designed to be easy for the non-technical person to gain peace of mind with better manual or automatic control of their world. We anticipate unbelievable success with what we have.

We offer 6% of the company for $20,000 investment.

Together we can do this. We're putting together a great team now. Please join us if you have the VISION, the resources, and would definitely like to get IN on the fun.

Thank you,

Jay Wyshak
Founder of Cool Nodes


Northeastern University


1984 - 1984


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