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Jayen Ashar

Technical, Programming

Sydney, Australia


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jayen

Jayen has little business experience and has not owned a proper business before. He has excellent accounting and record-keeping skills, as well as IT and analytical skills, and has always been a fast learner.

As the profile says, I'm looking for someone to help me out on with marketing and design, and also with product management. Exactly what I want/need doesn't fit into the restrictive profile entered here, so please ask!

The original industry for is real estate, but I'm hoping to expand to other industries later, making "chooser"s for anything. There's so much information out there, it's hard to sift through it all!

I'm looking for a co-founder/adviser/intern. Anyone really! (Of course smaller commitments expected for advisers/interns.) Sweat equity's good enough for me, but if you've got money, I won't say no!

I skipped the business plan stage and am currently refining and testing


The University of New South Wales

Autonomous Systems

2008 - 2008

Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Electrical and Computer Engineering

2002 - 2002

Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Computer Science

2002 - 2002