Jayram Joshi


Pune, India

Venture Technologist, Enterpreneur,Agile,Devops
Jayram's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jayram

I have founded Dheeti Technologies(http://www.dheeti.com) as a goto place for those startupreneurs who have an idea they want to develop but may not have the necessary technology skills to convert that idea into a product.

In last few decades Venture Capitalists have played a key role in providing capital to Startups , contributing immensely to the growth of startup ecosystem globally & fueling innovation. While VCs address the need for Risk Capital, many startups struggle with shortage of high quality technology talent.

Dheeti Technologies is striving to address this shortage of talent by playing role of Venture Technologists.

Dheeti's value proposition is we provide a high quality technology talent on demand in exchange of
- A fixed payment that covers our costs and a little more
- A stake/revenue share/profit share from your business. This ensures we have a disproportionate interest in your success & have a long term commitment.
- At a later stage you could choose to move entire Dheeti team working for you, under your organization

Dheeti maintains its profitability by spreading its risks over multiple such investments just like a Venture Capitalist does.