Jazmine Donerson

Silver Spring, Maryland, US

Jazmine's Skills
Business Development

About Jazmine

Tousled Tresses is my dream, to put it simply its a hair extensions brand that's going to send every (billion dollar) existing brand back to the drawing table. With a emphasis on customer loyalty and exceptional customer service and of course superior product Tousled Tresses can make millions within the first year. Unfortunately, due to set backs in my personal life I have been unable to fully launch this company. I am looking for someone who is passionate, with marketing experience or at least a strong passion for it to help me take this company to the top. My ideal candidate doesn't have to have a degree ( I am currently and BA and Marketing student myself) but need to the have a passion for business and creative edge. I am looking for a partner who can take one some of the responsibility and sit side by side to build this brand to the heights it deserves.

And I will be working on my profile ... but my avatars kind of sexy-- yes?