J.C. Butler

Austin, Texas, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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Founded 1 startup

About J.C.

I'm an entrepreneur who started my first business, dubizzle.com in Dubai in 2005. Together with my co-founder, we scaled the business from 2 people to 200, tens of millions in investment, and tens of millions in yearly revenues. Today, the business is the largest classifieds site across the Middle East and continues to grow 40%+ YoY. At the end of 2013, my co-founder and I exited some of our shares in the business to return home with our families. We continue to be shareholders and active Board Members.

Since returning to Austin, I have joined forces with my friend, Shane Sareli, to form Unihorn Labs. Shane, Stanford grad and early Product Manager at Zynga, is one of the most experienced, successful, and well respected Product Managers to come from the social/mobile gaming world. Shane and I combine our skills to come in as high impact co-founders alongside other co-founders to bring a good idea, to a scalable model, to early traction, to hockey stick growth. We have a strong philosophy around what a great model looks like, years of experience of executing on the impossible, and every intention of batting a thousand.

If you're a technical co-founder, a business co-founder, or a team of both, I'm happy to talk. We are actively looking for co-founders on a messaging and discussion app that allows employees to anonymously influence the direction of their organization, and companies to mine their collective brain trust and gain real time authentic data on their staff without violating anyone's privacy. We're are 100% convinced that this model will be huge, and we're looking for the right partners to make it a reality.

If you are working on your own idea, we are also happy to talk. If it's a fantastic model, we may end up working together (we limit our bandwidth to 2 projects at the moment). If it needs some help, we're happy to share tid-bits of our experience and approach that will help you get there.


University of California, Los Angeles

International Economics

2004 - 2004