JC Coughlin

Bellingham, Washington, US

Founder of Backcountry Staples - Thoughtfully Wholesome Meals for Adventures and Life on the Go
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Product Management
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About JC

My background is in product development, design, and mechanical engineering. I love the process of creatively solving problems by bringing new ideas to life. I'm also obsessed with testing recipes and creating systematized meals that reduce the daily burden of meal preparation. I started working on Backcountry Staples three years ago as a side project. Since then I've tested hundreds of recipe iterations and received a lot of feedback. I now have 8 gluten-free, vegan quick-cooking breakfast recipes that I believe are some of the best for backcountry adventures and a busy life on the go.


"Good Design is as Little Design as Possible" - Yvon Chouinard