JC Oliver

Dallas, Texas, US

JC's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About JC

I was in charge developed the largest academic training programs in the history of IBM and SAP. I also worked and owned schools, language centers, publishing houses, translation companies and universities. I also developed educational programs for Amway, Bosch, HSBC, ExxonMobil, Kraft Foods, Nissan, CompTIA and Microsoft.

Now my focus is on the release of SysClass Version 3. www.sysclass.com, be sure to click PREVIEW VERSION 3 to check our system.

SysClass is the first online education system to integrate the academic, technological, and business aspects of Distance Education. The system is much more than a simple LMS, unlike other systems, SysClass is not designed for Learning, it is designed for Education.

SysClass has a single page layout that is intuitive and beautiful. It features: a patent pending layout for arranging courses, classes and lessons in the same area of the page, student acquisition, enrollment, billing, production of video classes, full communications package, and compatibility with all smartphones.

Furthermore, SysClass automatic translates of all posted content and video in 47 different languages. This enables Institutions to export content and reach over 5 billion people around the world.The system also offers an exclussive package of support services to help instructors and institutions to start, grow, and maintain high-quality online education programs.

Seven Things We Do Differently:
1. Layout that arranges courses, classes, and lessons in a single page;
2. Reaches all age groups and levels of education;
3. Native compatibility with mobile devices;
4. Video and sound quality, and presenting model superior to any other system;
5. Advanced tools to improve student enrollment and retention;
6. Support installing hardware, client training, and help-desk;
7.Translation module features a wiki system that allows users to collaborate and improve translations.