JD Stock

Ascot, United Kingdom

Looking for a technical co-founder. I bring a good idea, determination and solid route to funding.
JD's Skills
Business Development

About JD


I'm working on an innovative business that brings brands and consumers closer together. I'm hoping to find a technical partner to help me get this going.

- I'm enthusiastic, ambitious and determined.
- My professional background is in bluechip companies.
- My educational background is in renowned schools (including Harvard).
- I have a solid route to funding via Wells Fargo investment office.
- I value real expertise and hope to work with someone that has legitimate skills.
- I value transparency and honesty.

The business will be disruptive and always seek to challenge what's possible. If you're a genuine technical expert, with the ambition to lead the development of something big, please get in touch!


If we were in a SpaceJam situation, we'd send JD. - my old boss