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Bramshill, United Kingdom

Top-rated Freelancer & Social Inventor
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The competitive league of online and offline businesses, freelancers and influencers nowadays means that playing “catch-up,” especially in the digital arena, is no longer a viable option. Successful strategies need to be constantly evolving. You need to constantly disrupt and reinvent yourself as a business and as an individual.

That’s why having a business advisor is not just smart; it’s necessary nowadays. Without some insider knowledge on how to navigate the startup roadmap, the financial and legal pit stops of entrepreneurship, or the subtle roadblocks like doubt and fear, you may get lost on the way.

So why gamble with your investment and/or your time? I can and want to help you. Who am I? Allow me to quickly introduce myself.
My name is Jean and I help set business owners, freelancers, consultants and others up for success. I started my career journey at a very young age. My love for adventure, the oceans and nature led me to first try out a career as a professional scuba diver. However, life’s waters later drifted me into a number of exciting professional adventures that gave me a well-rounded insight into the world of business. For the past 15 years, I have navigated through a large range of jobs starting from sales all the way to management level, and spanning a number of industries including, but not limited to Film, Music & Entertainment, Global Energy, Law & Legal Practice, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, SAAS, Politics and Non-profits.
Speaking both English and French fluently, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with diverse individuals, from a number of personal and professional backgrounds. This has taught me to ask the right questions and keep a certain degree of flexibility while also providing fast and effective results. My two favorite words are efficiency and automation. Time is of the essence in business and I make sure to respect my clients’ time.
Modesty aside, I see myself as the ultimate go-to for all aspects of product management, customer acquisition / lead generation, PR, web design, digital marketing and more. I take pride in being able to combine knowledge, creativity and ambition to develop something unique.
You will quickly find that I don’t hold back from bringing my trade secrets to your business, leveraging my resources to deliver quality, little-known solutions and turning your dreams into reality. We will work together to achieve top quality results for your business and/or career while not leaving any stone unturned.

Let me get down to the nitty gritty. Below are some specific ways I can help you smash glass ceilings, knock on the doors of opportunity and take down any barrier. I will:
Help you find ways to monetize your ideas, talents and/or skills
Assist you with jumpstarting a sustainable venture
Solidify the building blocks of your startup
Plan your next move according to your goals
Discover your personal and professional blind spots
Enhance your brand awareness
Analyze your website statistics and discover any weaknesses and opportunities
Promote deep engagement with your audience
Drive relevant traffic to your website
Optimize your SEO efforts
Step up your advertising game
Communicate an irresistible value proposition to your prospects
Bring urgency and/or scarcity to your scripts and interactions
Collect useful data directly from your target market
Create and automate courteous but captivating emails that turn prospects into buyers
Draft professional B2B contracts for your clients and/or collaborators

Does this sound like something you could use some help with?
Here’s what I already know about you. You’re passionate, hard-working, dedicated, ambitious and eager to learn. But that isn’t always enough.
Why wait any longer? Reach out to me and let’s have a conversation! Am definitely looking forward to it and until then, keep strong and have a peaceful day!


It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. - Herman Melville

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June 2019 - Today

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Western Advanced Central University

Bachelor of arts in Nutritional and Health Sciences with a distinction in Pharmacology

2006 - 2009


CIM - Marketing Management

South African Institute of Marketing Management